Rules & Guidelines

Project Basics

  1. Users must be a member to nominate an article, but not to comment or critique.
  2. Respect other users and do not make harsh comments or remarks about their writing style.
  3. When giving critique be specific, don't comment just to tell the nominator the page looks good.
  4. The limit is ten nominations up at a time. Two per user.
  5. To be nominated as a Senior Warrior you must have three articles that have been CBV'd and gone through the approval process.
  6. In order to nominate an article you must follow the following:
  • The character's article must be made and filled out correctly.

Using the Nomination Page

  1. When an article is put up for a nomination it must be filled out correctly with the following heading: Character ~ (Silver/Gold) Nomination.
  2. In order for your character to be nominated their whole page must be filled out, no exceptions. See Here, for an example.
  3. When an article is in the 'comments before voting' stage, it will wait twenty-four hours for any extra comments before the voting article is made.


  1. You must be nominated to move up one rank in the project, by another user. Though you do not need to be nominated to be deputy or leader.
  2. When being nominated, there must be more supporting votes than negative in order for the nomination to be successful.
  3. Apprentices and warriors cannot CBV an article, only the leader, deputy, and senior warriors.

Rank Abilities

Warriors can put up articles for nominations
Senior Warriors can put up articles for nominations and CBV articles
Deputies can put up articles for nominations, CBV articles, and archive the nominations. The Deputy assists the leader and is next in line for the leader.
Leaders can put up articles for nominations, CBV articles, archive and decline nominations. The leader keeps the project under control and updated.


  • When a Project lead believes an article is qualified enough to be placed on its article, the article cannot be approved right away, the twenty-four hours for CBV still remains. If an article goes without comments for thirty-six hours (three days) the user nominating can prod or nudge the article for comments.
  • If during these twenty-four hours of CBV a comment is placed, the article must go through being CBV'd once more.
  • A vote is then set up and users from the project will vote either {{voteyay}} or {{votenay}} within the week of the forum posting.
  • If the article receives primarily 'yays' then it is considered approved and the new article grade will be awarded to it.
  • If the article receives primarily 'nays' then it is considered declined and does not receive the new grade. An article that doesn't pass may be put up again for a nomination.


  • Everything on a talk page should always be archived and stored away safely, so anyone can look back at something for reference.
  • Talk page sections should never be blanked. No user is permitted to blank a section of the talk page or cover it with something else.