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Current ThunderClan
Age Approx. 36 moons old (Approx. 3 years)
Status Living
Debut ThunderClan Archive I
Father Falconheart
Mother Sorrelstar
Siblings Littermates: Brightstorm, Larkshade
Younger: Swiftstorm, Dipperstorm, Wrenshadow, Jayflight
Mate Spiderstar
Kits Ravenpaw, Starlingpaw
Mentor Hawkstorm
Apprentice Sunpaw
Deputy Position
Predecessor Spiderclaw
Owner Mink

Darkspirit is a black smoke tabby and white tom with yellow eyes. He is the deputy of ThunderClan, born to Sorrelstar and Falconheart - however shortly after his father's death he disowned her. He is the brother of Brightstorm, Larkshade, Swiftstorm, Dipperstorm, Wrenshadow, and Jayflight. He is the mate of Spiderstar, having two children with her - Ravenpaw and Starlingpaw.



Darkspirit takes after his father in size and stature, holding a slender, elegant appearance and being noticeably smaller than the average cat. He's not as tall as his father, who stood around three to four hands tall, and his size gives him quite the advantage in his skills. Darkspirit holds the very faint appearance of having a foreign-like build, with his muscles shaping more prominently around his chest, neck, and leg areas with very little fat to show. However, he does seem to take the more elegant and slightly foreign-build like that of his mother. His head is slightly narrow, forming more of a flat-oval shape than that of her mother or father and his muzzle seems to become more plump, noticeably like that of his father. He manages to maintain a small, firm jawline, having very strong jaws, with a slender throat. His voice differs from that of his family, holding more of a American-Southern accent while the rest of his family seem to hold the Australian-British mix.
His ears are small and hold more of a pointed shape, but not nearly as large as his father's. His back and torso are slender-built, with a curved and muscular appearance. His thin legs support most of her weight, and his legs have quite a bit of muscle to them, much like that of her stomach and back. Although her legs altogether are strong, her back legs are noticeably stronger and more muscled than that of her front legs. His tail is longer than normal giving him great balance. His teeth are quite sharp, being more sharp than well-rounded. His teeth, holding a creamy-white color and his canines, the two on the top sides of her mouth, are rather short, but slightly longer than his other teeth.
His fur has a soft, wool-like feel to it, holding more of a downy feel around her stomach and legs. At the times that his fur is not groomed it tends to get rather ragged-looking and oily. His fur length is normal for a short-haired cat, keeping him warm in the colder seasons.
His base pelt is a smoky dark gray color while the next few layers consist of a mixture of black and grays that mix together to form some of his tabby stripes. His chest, stomach, toes, and muzzle hold a majority of the white that covers his body. a small star-like spot of white on his face that meets the white on his muzzle.
His eyes sit in a fixed position a few inches above his nose and the bridge. His eyes are a overall color of olive green shifting to more of that of a summer-like grass green as the seasons change. His eyes also have that gray-green color to them more near her irises and darken as it nears the schlera. When ill her eyes however change to a dull-looking green that seems to be more gray than green.


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