Highstones is the region north of WindClan, and across the wide road. The region itself is a series of barren, rocky hills, which grow up into taller and taller peaks as they continue north into the mountain ranges. One particular cave opening is large enough for most cats to enter, but eventually narrows until they have to crawl. It opens into a massive chamber with a stream coursing through it. A large crystalline structure, known to the clan cats as the Moonstone, sits in the center. Above it is an opening just large enough to allow moonlight to enter, which illuminates the crystal and radiates light throughout the whole chamber.

All clan cats come here during their apprenticeship, to sleep besides the stone. At every half-moon, medicine cats gather and share dreams with StarClan here, in hopes of maintaining peace between the clans. Leaders come here to earn their names, earn their nine lives, and to seek guidance from their ancestors.

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