This page lists all roleplay pages for the varying regions stray cats and kittypets may be roleplayed in. Please note that not all regions have their own specific page, and may be grouped with one or two others, so not all ideas or characters on said page will be working with others or even know of others.

The Eastern Territories- The Eastern farmland and moors, along with the Northeastern Barn, Highstones, and the small village nearby (Farm Twolegplace).

The Northern Territories- The Northern region of foothills from Highstones, the stretch of land between Highstones and above ShadowClan, and the Northwestern Great Pine Forest.

The Western Territories- The Western Big Twolegplace, which rests along SkyClan and ThunderClan's borders, and continues down past ThunderClan, into the south. Primarily a suburban region.

The Southwestern Territories- The Southwestern extension of ThunderClan and SkyClan's Great Forest, which borders the Big Twolegplace and river.

The Southeastern Territories- The Southeastern region by RiverClan, with the stables and the River Twolegplace farther down.

The Far Eastern Territories- The Far Eastern Giant City, with tall buildings, many cars, and many twolegs. Surrounded by smaller suburbs way beyond the farmland by the Barn.

The Far Northeastern Territories- The Far Northeastern region, behind Highstones. Larger foothills make up most of this region, and it continues through the mountains, ending at the border of the Tribe's territory and along the Mountain Runner's land.

The Far Western Territories- The area far beyond the Big Twolegplace, located between the Clans and The Flock, mostly being a coastal mountain range.