Adison lashed her tail as she entered the huge cave that had nests spaced around, hers was towards the back. Her nest wasn't far from her most trusted messenger, Ichabod. Adison's nest was decorated with feathers and moss on the inside, while the outside was decorated in shells she had found when she had traveled here from the sea, old kittypet collars, and pretty and colorful rocks. "Ichabod," she greeted the tom.— Mel thnks fr th mmrs 04:31, July 3, 2015 (UTC)

Ichabod had been resting his eyes before he heard his name being called. The tabby looked up to see Adison. The head messenger - his superior. "Greetings Ms Adison. What may I do for you today?" The tom stood tall and kept his low when he greeted the grey molly. User:Diablo./Sig 06:35 Fri Jul 3

"Just your report. I assume you've told Rooster first?" She asked. Ichabod was in charge of Family Two and Family Three. That consisted of Neptune, one single cat. Although the molly suspectes Neptune would take on a mate farely soon. "I've come from Family One. It seems Jay has taken off." Adison said with a soft chuckle.--Rooster sat just outside waiting for Adison's report. She was a loyal messenger as was Ichabod. Quite the team the two made.

Meanwhile, Dolph and Reigns were dozing off in their den. Reigns had absolutely no interest in a mate as of now. His brother, Rooster, of course knocked up Jay. The poor molly. I wonder where she is. He thought.— Mel thnks fr th mmrs 07:27, July 3, 2015 (UTC)

"I did that not that long ago, Madam. Not much going on through those families. All is well one might say." Ichabod kept a neutral expression when Adison told him the news from the first family. "Ms Jay has run off? I wonder why she would've done that." The tabby gave a small smile to match the molly's chuckle. But it didn't last long on his face. User:Diablo./Sig 08:31 Fri Jul 3

Adison nodded and quickly disappeared outside. "Sir," Adison greeted Rooster. "All is well in Family One. Jay has left as well." She said, bowing her head as the leader remained silent. The pretty gray tabby walked back inside and sat in her nest and she began to groom her thin pelt.--Rooster heard Adison leave quietly. Good. He thought about Jay. He hadn't really loved her and she him.— Mel thnks fr th mmrs 17:46, July 3, 2015 (UTC)

"I wonder why Ms. Jay decided to run off?" Ichabod pondered out loud, as he settled himself in his nest. "Surely something happened? Words were exchanged and not a soul agreed, or something worse perhaps." The tabby looked over to Adison - trying to make 'small' talk. He wasn't very good at that yet. User:Diablo./Sig 23:56 Sun Jul 5

Adison smiled politely, not really signifying that they were friends just to show she was listening. "Yes. It is quite...peculiar." She replied quietly thinking of a reason, but coming up with nothing. Perhaps she felt unwanted. The beautiful molly thought. Adison continued talking. "I assume she was just tired of staying in one place." Adison woke a few hours later to find Ichabod sleeping. Quietly she crept out to walk her route towards Family One. — Mel thnks fr th mmrs 00:18, July 6, 2015 (UTC)

Jace lay on the overhung that was his den. The tom and his mate, Kiana, enjoyed watching the stars at night so they had a rather open den. What about the rain? Well they had protection form the weather as well the little roof was kinda like a sunning room. Safe, but able to glance out at the stars and see the beauty of it all. "Jace," Kiana murmured waking up fromher little nap in the sun. "We should probably head down to see what Adison," she wrinkled her nose at the molly's name. "And Ichabody have found out." She contiued. She liked Ichabod quite a bit and hopefully someday the head executioner would warm up to both her and Jace.

"Very well," the ginger tabby Oriental replied standing to give his pelt a shake and then expertly leaping down the small rubble of rocks. "Ichabod, Adison," the tom called. Adison immediately appeared while Ichabod seemed to take longer. Jace liked that about him really, his coolness. "Adison," he said stiffly his gaze going to Ichabod. Kiara felt Adison's glare and quickly looked at her. Although, Kiana might have let out a little smirk. A growl of anger came from Adison and she leapt at the luna. Jace turned and roared his fury. Leaping in front of his mate he quickly silenced Adison forever. "Kiana are you alright?" He asked. Kiana nodded her gaze filled with worry. "Dispose of her quickly, please." She replied heading back to their den. "Ichabod, I want her disposed of and I'm naming you the new head messenger. I'll find a executioner later." He said before following to catch up with Kiana.— MinkclawRiver is Beauty, Beauty is Everything! 16:23, February 17, 2016 (UTC)