Willowface is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current Dark Forest
Past ThunderClan
Senior Warrior
Age Approx. 70 moons (5.8 years) at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Greencough
Debut Dark Forest Archive I (appears deceased)
Last Post Unknown
Apprentice Spiderstar (unofficially)
Owner Max

Willowface was a pointed, silver-tabby she-cat with blue eyes.



Willowface is a lean and very skinny individual. She was once in her prime where she sported a full frame and shining coat. But, that has since been replaced by a sickly thin cat with a dull, ragged coat from fighting to keep alive in a literal afterlife of suffering. Her coat is somewhat thin and patchy in areas where fur no longer grows and she has traces of grey on her muzzle as, by the time of her death, Willowface was a senior warrior nearing retirement.
She has a solid silverish coat with darker points that have tabby markings. Willowface has a narrow face which is framed by her longer coat. Her ears are tall and pointed, however, one of them is nothing more than a stump from various fights she has participated in throughout her life. She has pale blue eyes which are rounded and when reflecting light appear almost white to some. It is noted that in her youth she was a very attractive cat and that is why she has the -face suffix.


Willowface is described as a cat that while loyal to the Warrior Code, she took to some extremes. She was obsessive with being the best she could be and some say that drive her mad because she was never taken seriously. While she was alive, the she-cat never received an apprentice of her own to train and to her this was a great insult because to her that was a vital part of being a warrior. So, because she 'failed' one step of being a good warrior, Willowface in some retrospect became a shell of herself in death and because of her negative energy concerning her living deeds, found herself residing in the Dark Forest.
While residing in her afterlife, the she-cat continues her obsessive thoughts and now persists in training only the best warriors that she sees to be like herself. Willowface is said to be quite eerie when she talks as it is like she whispering and this alone scares some potential trainees away from her. The she-cat is quite basically just an example of how the Warrior Code can be, in some cases, detrimental to some cats when taken too seriously or far.


Willowface was a pretty average individual when it came to hunting and fighting. Ironically, the she-cat preferred hunting over fighting as she wasn't as bulky as some of her former Clanmates and therefore felt weaker by comparison. She found hunting much more suited to her known talents and stuck to her methods like moss sticks to rocks.


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